mercredi, août 09, 2017


Always add in first position of your resumé your personal and professional ambition. Like a business plan, and any strategic activity you want to promote or sell. Who will read the rest if this doesn't show? And tell the truth, you let some much infos over the Internet that one can check.
Use all or part of it in other places (mails, social networks, dating RDV,...), adapted to the context if needed (writing you love potato salad, which isn't strategic, you may agree, could nevertheless work for WholeFood, but not for Tesla Solar Cell division, except if Elon Musk dies for it and broke with Amber Heard. You can even tell a small lie, in contradiction with my previous point).
So you see that it's a delicate but useful exercice, even to present yourself quickly in any occasion. If you want, send me your two paragraphs, use, the contact link up right, I will tell you if it works for me...
Good luck!

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